Zhar was an Elite who was probably the only person to see the prophets were assholes who needed to die.


Zhar was born Tsar but found out some other guy named tsar died and got his name legally changed.

Zhar was good friends with Thel Vadumee (when he wasnt a bad ass arbiter). Zhar would accompany Thel with a bunch of other elites and horny brutes.

Zhar would be captured along with Thel, a suicidal elite, an elite who thought he was a minor character in a film with vin deasel, and an elite who was a psycho path. They would escape and seriously pwn the crap out of their Kig- yar captours.

Zhar would begin to actually consider if the prophets were actually telling them lies. Zhar would then just leave this thought alone and stab a grunt with a spork.

Zhar would accompany thel on a asteroid/ ship thing called the rubble, what a stupid name. Zhar would come across a female inserectionist and did what J'Suz Kusov and his Elite Posse would have done. He got shot by an ODST who was on the ground, wounded, and literally in a pool of his own blood. Zhar killed th ODST but then got his ribs broken by an emo Spartan who also raped thel.

Zhar would then be smart enough to peice together clues like velma from scooby doo, that showed the prophets were assholes who needed to die. He would then get his head cut off by thel while trying to kill the Prophet of Truth.


  • Zhar is a proud supporter of J'Suz Kusov
  • Zhar is not to be confused with Tsar nicholas the II
  • Thel ripped of the idea of stabbing truth from zhar

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