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Yipyip ready to Pwn

Yip Yip was a Grunt present during the Battle of Alpha Hula-Hoop and this, is his story.

Life in Nipple AcademyEdit

Yipyip went to Nipple Academy like all other Grunts. He saw Yapflip and Flipyap around the school but never really talked to them. His teacher was Tartarus and he felt very uncomfortable when Tartarsauce expelled everyone else in his class and invited a couple Brute friends over. When Yipyip asked what was they going to learn today Tartarus replied, "How to get raped by seven big handsome Brutes". Yipyip found it funny until Tartarus and the others began taking off their pants, then Yipyip took them seriously. Without even trying Yipyip took one of the Brutes's Plasma Pistol, charged it up, blew off his hairy face, dropped kicked 2 others, stole the Fist of Rust and slammed it into another Brutes's head. All of them ran off, pissing and shitting themselves. Tartarsauce was extremely horny but he wasn't about to try to rape a Grunt who was obviously born with an extreme amount of Gruntiness. He then dropped out and joined the Covenant.

Battle for alpha hula-hoopEdit

Yipyip was present during The Battle of Alpha Hula-Hoop but he spent most of his time in different jails because he kept accidentially destroying every ship he was put on. Eventually Truth got pissed off so bad he ordered Tartarus to "execute" him. Tartarus, having completely forgot about his former student, accepted the mission faster than Truth could tell him about it. While Yipyip was accidentially crashing a ship into Alpha hula-hoop, Tartarus and four brutes got into a phantom, had a quick fivesome, and flew towards Yipyip's position. Yipyip crashed and saw Tartarus and wanted to destoy him once and for all. Master Chief let Yipyip borrow a Warthog while he was um, you know, "doing" Cortana and two other female Marines. By now Tartarsauce noticed who he was sent to kill and began to flee.
Beast grunt2

Yipyip in his Warthog he borrowed from Chief.


500px-Grunt rebellion

Yipyip's father, during the grunt rebellion.

Yipyip began chasing Tartarus down until Master Chief realized he just gave a Grunt a Warthog. Master Chief destroyed the Pillar of Awesome and Alpha Hula-Hoop in the fistfight he and Yipyip engaged in after the MC caught him. Many AIDS were killed in this legendary duel. The two fought all across the galaxy and eventually they called a truce. Yipyip decided to go in hiding and told MC to tell everyone that he defeated Yipyip. And so MC and Yipyip went their separate ways and to this day no one has seen any sign of Yipyip. But he's still alive, and probably works with the Cabal. No, ignore that suspicious tapping on your door. It's nothing, really.

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