The Legend Itself...

Yapyap likes to bitch slap shit.

Funny story kids. Once upon a time a 343 developer read through our site and saw Pope Yapyap, and they were inspired. So, they added him as a leader in Halo Whores 2. Unfortunately they failed to add the YAPYAP PIMP SLAP as a leader ability.

YapYap’s approach to leading his troops is…unusual, to say the least, and always results in massive casualties among the Banished Grunts – but Grunts are cheap, and explosions are fun, so mostly Atriox lets Yapyap keep at it. Yapyap THE DESTROYER is more of an “idea Grunt,” and has better things to do than come down to the battlefield personally (his managerial expertise would be wasted on the front lines).

With style and panache he leads the Grunts to glorious victory or not-so-total defeat from his secret lair, throwing good Grunts after bad.

Grunts, the low level, pesky laborers of the Covenant. While they are the smartest species in the Halo universe, in packs, these little guys can still cause some serious damage; that is, with the proper leadership. Enter Yapyap THE DESTROYER, the unofficial leader of the Grunts, who stays behind the battlefield lines to lead the Grunts in totally victorious battle!

You can check out the galaxy’s greatest Grunt, who possesses powers and units including:

Giant(ish) Grunt Goblin mechs to stomp on everybody who’s been stompin' on the all-powerful Grunts for, like, ever. Methane Wagons and Methane bombs to spread sweet, sweet methane infusion around the battlefield and inspire all your Grunts to laugh (rather than whimper) in the face of danger. Brute Riders, because who doesn’t want to hop on the shoulders of a murderous nine-foot space monkey and get up to some violence?