• Yapyap: Welcome to... Yapyap's adventures! Episode One!

(Music plays)

(Yapyap sings to the music)

  • Yapyap: Do do doo! Do! Do do do! Ermmm... Sorry.
  • Yapyap: One day at Installation 04...

(The "Halo 1" gregorian chant plays)

  • Zuka Zanmee: Okay, Yapyap. You can go now, but play safe!
  • Yapyap: Okay pappa!

(Fade to black)

  • Yapyap: (musically) do! do!
  • Yapyap: Ah! Big scary thing!

(Yapyap is looking at a worm)

  • Yapyap: Ahhh!

(Yapyap shoots at the worm with his Plasma Pistol once)

(The worm grows when he shoots)

  • Yapyap: Ahhhh! Run away!
  • Worm: ROARR!!
  • John: I'll save you Yapyap!
  • Yapyap: My hero!

(John jumps up and stylishly punches the worm in the face twice)

  • Worm: Err...

(Yapyap cries)

(Yapyap looks at a Hunter suit)

(Fade to black)

(John , Yapyap , and the Hunter dance walks across a hill when the sun is setting)

Yapyap: Next time on Yapyap's adventures...

Yapyap: John finds himself r**ed by the Flood.


343 Guilty Spark:... And may I say Reclaimers, it has been a pleasure serving under you... goodbye...

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