Cquote1Ha, no ring can stop me! Fuck.Cquote2
Master Chief getting a RROD

The Xbox 360 is the successor to the box that for some strange reason (Killzone dammit) failed to fuck sony's shit up.

Xbox LIVEEdit

Xbox LIVE returns in order to further enslave the people playing on the X-box. Home to several unique species such as the assfaced dumbfuck and the annoying kid, this place is not safe for sane players.

The Red Red Ring Of DeathEdit

— Someone facing the wrath of the RROD just before playing Halo: Reach for the first time

This is by far the most annoying thing in the world, and have caused more suicides than anything in recorded history. Believed to be a curse made by Sony there's no way to fix it other than making a ring out of flour, dance tango while throwing fish guts guts around you and sacrifice your soul to the Arbiter.

Touching your 360 while playing will cause it to accuse you of sexual harassment and proceed to shred the disc and/or castration.


  • It's a widely known fact that the 360 part of the console name is because the development from the original Xbox went around 360 degrees and ended were it started.
  • every noob who shouts "Hell Yeah! Praise MS! I love modding the living shit out of this fucking xbox! fuck you Sony!" has been murdered by a mysterious 'God of War' known as 'Kratos'. There has never been a survivor, except for Master Chief when he DID get banned from PSN for hacking.

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