Anyone out there wanted to know how to kill yourself on Halo ?

Simple wayEdit

  • Head Crusher: spawn a object in forge and jump under it
  • Falling: Go to a cliff and jump off

Funny WayEdit

  • Death by shiny blue balls: crouch and look for your player's leg that sticks out then stick the grenade to your foot and kamikaze yourself at a teammate
  • Scattershot walk into corner with scattershot in hand, make sure all noobs are near, fire, and kill yourself with all noobs, proving you are a noob.
  • Death in a Cutscene:
  1. Start Assault on the Control Room
  2. Go to the pyramid area
  3. Grab a banshee (Just run out the door and don't stop till you get in the Banshee) and leave one for a Elite to fly
  4. High tail it to the big doors
  5. Eliminate enemies that comes out
  6. Get the enemy banshee attention and have it fly into the hall with you ( get back in your Banshee or it will kill you)
  7. Go to Control Room door and open it
  8. Watch the alternate cutscene ( If you have mods sometimes spawning a wraith before cutscene will disarrange the player and Cortana's position sometimes making her look like she is doing a Hitler speech)
  • Co-op Death:
  1. Find a friend that will play the Halo level ( Halo 3 level ) with you
  2. Go to the first big door
  3. grenade jump on the door's ledge
  4. walk and jump till you are on the snowy path that Johnson is on
  5. Get his infinite laser ( Kill him trice then take laser)
  6. Run like hell to the Control Room ( He may be pissed you took his laser )
  7. When you hear Spark start yelling kill your partner with laser ( have him stand over Johnson )
  8. You will see you partner's body in the cutscene and if you done it right MC will look like he is sad of the person's death ( Try MC cause it'll be interesting to see MC doing the mourning thing with a spartan from nowhere )

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