Another pic from when Bungie development lost power

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Marine who thinks he is funny

The UNSC Type AKA74B/V2 Vulture is without a doubt the biggest piece of badass vehicle humanity has. Deadlier and possessing more ownage then five million frigates or 1000 Grunts with gruntiness, this mofo can pwn any n00b or haterz alike. It most likely derived from the Covie underground lab known as NIPPLELOPOLIS. Only the airpad can have the power to call down a Vulture from the heavens or from the gates of Hell, which it gets its nickname as Satan's Abused Parrot.


Each existing 250 Vultures have 4 mega pwng cannons on their ugly wings to blow all apes and your mom away. It doesn't use them against aircraft for some retarded reason but that is made up for in SAM (semi awesome missile) launchers on the back, these are worthless against most air. Their true badassness comes from a shitload of rockets on its back that fly over a million miles into the air and come rocketing down on the haters that challenge its epicness. The covie Scarabs are constantly bitching that they stand no chance against the rocket pwng saying it robs them of their dignity and causing a loss. Bungie ignored the Scarabs and put at most 5 Vultures in each battle, proving unstoppable!


The Vulture weighs like 5000 tons(weight still pending) and the 2 big engines in its rear can barely push this slice of hell across the hula hoop in less then an eternity. By then they run out of precious gas and come hurtling down to the ground in a fireball. Being slow as a mug, Brutes have no chance of running from God's wrath as Vulture angels descend to start Judgement Day. Vultures will quickly judge everyone as n00bs and kill all, pwng the Brutes and Jackholes and even AIDS with ultra mofo rocket blast.

History as AirlinersEdit

Vultures had a brief and failed period as new Boeing 787 airplanes to transport CIVILIANS to other joints in the galaxy. Passengers got so pissed off by how slow it took to get from Earth to anywhere that one described it as Pergatory or even a funeral for a dozen Mexicans. Being targeted by Pirates led by Captain Gaybeard and Whale ships none made it to Halo 3 or beyond. 4 exist today: 3 as airliners for UN Cool Flights and 1 in therapy with a Hornet therapist.

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