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Vergin is an Brain Penis who ran away from the Covenant because the Big Scary Apes were trying to have sex with him. Actually, he floated away. He somehow made it inside the Super Nintendo, were he absorbed all of its private files, including the name and address tof the Super Nintendo's girlfriend, whom he later stalked.Turns out it ws whoretona. His name was originally Heavier than Fat but not Quite Muscle, so he changed it to Vigina, Vergil for short. After the Human-Covenant War ended, Vergil became mayor of New Mombosa alongside the Superintendent. Every now and then, Vergil hears voices in his head, such as "Keep it clean" or whimpering dogs.

Vergil ClausEdit

Only a year into his mayoring career, Vergil retired. He commited suicide on March 12, 2255 after seeing you naked in the shower.poor guy.


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