Dracula's fuckmobile

The Vampire is supposed to be the fuckenant's anti-air flying vehicle. They're the Profit's old UFOs that were torn apart and rebuilt to kill the flying human bird-craft. It's just a flying saucer with a head that gets pissed off easily. Its worthless against ground forces and nearly sucks against aircraft and oxygen, being pwnd by thousands of rockets before the pilot can finish saying,"HOLY SHIT, j33r cum d3r m1ss1l3s"! Anyone who uses them are immediately dammed to lose the battle and their reputation.

Why they SuckEdit

It will be the dumbest idea to use a Vampire to kill a ground unit. Even a n00b on the ground can own it. They can only take the ground units on with 2 retarded cannons that shoot blue shit. But it takes like a trillion shit hits to kill one marine, it won't even get to 50 shots before being pwnt. The head atop of the Vampire has a glowing blue eye of anger and a wild pink afro. When pissed off the head will turn and glare at you- shooting a bunch of pink hair at your helicopter that could scuff its paint job. It's worthless. It might as well just glare at you and yell racial slurs at you. If that happens you must pwn it beyond epic proportions.

Dracula vampire


Useage and InfoEdit

Vampires are self consious about the way they fly. Other helicopters fly more badass then the Vampire. The Vampire can use a blue beam to hold other planes in place as revenge and throw them into the nearest structure using a mad rave shot. It is believed that Vampires were involved in the 9/11 attacks. Vampires can only be used to fight other Vampires(Dracula) and nothing else. You should never use it because it tends to make the planes heads explode in a montage of utter gayness.

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