Thel 'Vadam during the Attack of Vadam Pearl Harbor

Vadam Harbor was a BIG river, despite being called Vadam harbour, it was 300 miles away from the State of Vadam. Sangheili from a clan called "Skullz Crunchaz Teabagteabagyeahyeah" (that means they came from the State of Teabagteabagyeahyeah), attacked the Vadam Harbour, the State of Vadam and the Vadam Keep.

How the battle startedEdit

The leader of the clan, DementedCowboy666, was jealous that Thel was getting blowjobs from all the hot chick El33ts, so he declared a war, he settled some rules and shit, but the only thing anyone cared about was what you won.

If you lost, you had to surrender all your female elites and have them added to the victor's collection and if you were super badass and sexy (no homo) then you would get every female Elite in a 1337 mile radius.

The battle raged....

Details on enemy clanEdit

Everyone in this clan was high on weed forrealz, most of the time all they did was find Prostitutes to get Crumpkins from. When they weren't being horny shitpeels, they "trained" martial arts by running around in circles waving their arms around likes idiots, jumping around and doing Kung Fu tricks right before they humped each other mid air due to being drunk and not seing what the fuck they were jumping on.

The Clan members include:

DementedCowboy666 (Leader)

BooghostUSUK (2nd in command)

Dog240 (newb)

Inside-out-asshole DELICIUSH2847777777 (OMG A NOOB)

The Meatspinner (Noob and troll)

Stay away from them, it has been rumoured that you catch noob cancer from making contact with them.


DementedCowboy666 sent out 3 Assassins (one of them was himself) to the Vadam keep to kill Thel, but when they arrived, Arby just simply punched them in the face to death and teabagged them until he was dehydrated.

Arby got all the bitches and recieved head from everyone.

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