Greetings everyone! First off, let me introduce myself. I'm Spartacus0898 (aka occasionally Spartacus), an administrator of this fine wiki, chat moderator on Halo Nation, and a Bureaucrat on Halopedia. Recently this wiki was adopted by MenacePotatoe and he subsequently promoted me to a sysop to assist in the massive cleanup task. Today I'm here to lay down some guidelines which will hopefully make this an enjoyable place to be for everyone, without causing offense.

It seems as though for the past few years that pretty much anything was fine, including racism, sexual content (even jokes about rape), and homophobia. I'm going to make this very clear, such content will not be tolerated at any time, as it violates the Wikia Terms of Use. Any users adding such content to the wiki will be severely punished and possibly reported to Wikia staff, depending on the extent of the offense. This pertains to everywhere on the wiki, whether it be the forums, articles, images, and etc. Contrary to popular belief, it's completely possible for satire to be hilarious without being offensive.

Another thing that is frowned upon and will result in severe punishment is inciting cross wiki conflict or attempting to. Cross-wiki conflict includes but is not limited to the following: vandalizing another wiki in the name of this wiki, invading/intentionally disrupting another wiki's chat room, adding content to any page meant to incite bad feelings towards another wiki or it's users, and etc.

This pretty much sums it up. If we all abide by these guidelines, the wiki will be a fun and enjoyable place for all!

Regards.--Spartacus0898 00:04, March 10, 2016 (UTC)

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