As you may know, I'm unofficially/officially adopting this fine wiki.

That being said, just about everything needs editing to fix what the horrible, non-funny people have done here.

Here's a list of everything I want left alone. just about everything else needs funnier stuff, and less rediculous profanity/numbers, Example, none of "then he shot him 99999999999999999999 times" yes, this has appeared. it is not even funny. but, here's a list of stuff to LEAVE ALONE for now:

  • Soulja Boy the Jackal (I love that page the way it is)
  • All the difficulty level pages: Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic.
  • Prophet of Haters
  • Gruntiness
  • Unggoy
  • M6D Magnum (Perfect, and the guy spent so much time re-writing the first chapter of Genesis)
  • UNSC Marine Corps
  • Noobs
  • Noob Cancer
  • Franklin Mendez
  • Maddi' Slimanee
  • Menac' Potat'ee
  • Biddope
  • The Fat Kid
  • More coming soon...

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