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dutch with his pimp car

Uplift Reserve has some REAL action and marines that can SHOOT. You go around in pimpin warhogs and try to rescue a Corporol that you never see, but you can have some fun with Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers, and Lazrs.

The Pimpin WarhogsEdit

A UAV flies overhead cause someone got a 3 kill-streak.

Dutch:"Don;t make me charge me Lazr!"

He goes on a nature walk

Marine:"Hey! Get your ass over here! We need to secure our Gruntiness"

He eliminates the rabid wookies and hops in a pimpin Humvee

Marine:"Ram them in thier ass! I'm taping this for YouTube"

It didn't fit

Marine:"Where the rest of your squad?"

Dutch:"Wasted in da club"

Marine:"Oh well that sucks.. "

He drives his pimipin warhog but the movement splattered a marine. He goes to the bridge.


Thelevator falls an- so tnats what those rings were thats scattered all over the place in the Tsavo level. Dutch reaches the edge of a cliff ''DUTCH: LOLOLOLOL I AM GONNA FUCK SOME GRUNTS LOLLOL

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