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Halo MMO interface

Something is weird about this picture...

During the development of Halo Wars by Ensemble Studios, another three teams worked on other hopeless projects. One of these was the "Untitled Halo MMO", which seems to have sucked since the beginning.

While colorful pictures were produced, and Bungie planned to help Ensemble Studios on the game. All the teams that didn't work on Halo Wars got fired for "not helping the team" with Halo Wars. It is now abandoned like a orphan, or something like that.

Halo mmo

Looks like something photoshopped with World of Warcraft.

The details of the game are unclear, though the colorful pictures show various new additions to the franchise such as the Elves, Giant Ostrich, Avian Claw, The Rapper Group, Cackler, David Hasselhoff, your mom, Peon and Thief.

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