For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Flatbed Truck Unidentified Flatbed Truck.


The unidentified flatbed truck is a truck on Reach that is awesome and has Gruntiness. It is better than the Warthog because it comes in more colors: yellow, green and blue. Jorge-052 seems to be the only one that can sit in the flatbed, but nevertheless, it is still awesome. But then BUNGIE RUINED IT.


Bungie just loves to mess stuff upEdit

In Halo: Reach, this thing only appears in Campaign. Not Forgable or in any maps, you can't even use it in firefight, yet, in Firefight, you can drive a shitty Safari. No killing Noobs. Sucks. They also forgot are too lazy to give it a name. They also didn't allow Jorge to turn 360 degrees with his turret. They also... well you get the point.


This is apparently, the actual name of the truck, according to Halopedia.

Some people have said that this vehicle is also named the Spade, though it would seem stupid that one might name a car after a sand-castle making object.

Bungie ALSO did not bother to make this car a unique emblem, so they took a Dodge Ram and made the horns spades.

Bungie ALSO did not bother to tag and string the vehicle's data properly, so when bossing Jorge around to get out of the back seat, it says to press X to ride in Warthog.

The truck is Independent Wheel Drive, fact fans!

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