Cquote1Ok, I think we're all in an agreement, I'm in charge here.Cquote2
— An Elite Ultra to his squad
Cquote1Come at me brother!Cquote2
— An Ultra about to get in a fight with another Ultra
For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Elite Ultra.
Elite Ultras are douchebag Elites that think they're the best in the group only because they have cooler
Ultra Elite

The Common Douchebag

looking armor, well, in Halo: Reach they do. But when they fuck with Zealots or any higher rank, they get their ass whooped fo sho. They are also wannabe Councilors.


Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

None we're seen sober in this game, they were all passed out from weed/beer/heroine because they were "Partying" from the fact that the first game was gonna come out and their race was actually gona be popular for once. Instead of people always asking, "Whats a Sangheili?". You can see them all asleep on the floor.

Halo 2Edit

This is the first time you can fight them, for they all woke up from their comas and the Prophets all paid their medical bills. But due to the fact that they still had a little percentage of intoxication in their bodies. Master Chief could kill them easily, unless it was on Legendary of course.... Wait, wtf am I talking about!? They are easy to kill on Legendary too!

Halo 3Edit

They once again passed out from weed/beer/heroine/meth/lsd/every drug or drink ever made. Because they thought that since "The Fight would be Finished" they wouldn't have to do stuff anymore. But they stupidly partied inside a Flood Hive and now little Popcorns can infect them while their passed out.

Halo 3: ODSTEdit

Same as Halo: CE and Halo 3, except it was every Elite you saw in the game, not just Ultras. They need some serious rehab...

Halo: ReachEdit

Reach is a time machine before Halo: CE. So they obviously were S00P3R D00PURR kick ass before they became stoners. They are annoying as fuck in Firefight because they have strong ass shields and they always do ballerina (I can't spell) moves to evade your blows (dats wut she sed!).


They usually attack their enemy in large groups of Ultra-Only squads. These "Ultra-Only squads" are reffered to as "The Cool Kids" by lower ranking elites. They dance to evade all your attacks and they spam you with a Concussion Rifle and Plasma Grenades. Yes, it is a pain in the Gluteus Maximus. They also have stronger shields then their fellow squidlings, which makes them harder to kill. That is why you always hear "Oh fuck, not the Bionicle looking Elites again!" through your mic in Firefight matchmaking when they come. They are also rarely seen attacking the enemy along with Minors and Majors (Blues and Reds), but its rare to find one in this group. They are also the only enemy...scratch that, the only THING in Halo: Reach that can Dual-Wield. Not even the players can dual-wield. Bungie, I fucking hate you.

Famous UltrasEdit

  • Ultra 'Sangheilee

    I'ma 'Douchee now...

  • Bigg 'Buddee
  • Sek 'See (Fugliest Most beautiful Ultra ever)
  • Iget 'Monee (Gangsta Ultra)
  • Ipwn 'Urarmee (Awesome Ultra)
  • Krist 'Iamuglee
  • I'ma 'Douchee (Used to be an Ultra, but got demoted for sexually molesting a Lekgolo worm)
  • Zomg 'Sumwunhelpmee (worst ultra ever)
  • Grunts 'Areprettee (retarded/pretty)
  • Ran 'Ger (Wears Ranger armor and is Bapyap's friend)
  • Juhii
  • Suthar' Corvas'