Cquote1Where's mah mongoose? There better be one in the game!Cquote2
— Sergeant John Forge on the Halo Wars demo.
Cquote1Vehicle for 500 resources, marines included.Cquote2
— UNSC Vehicle Depot Manager

UNSC Vehicle DepotEdit

The first thing to do to get vehicles is to build this building for a few hundred resources. Or just get a Warthog from the UNSC Firebase. The building has air conditioning and a lounge for crafters. While making vehicles in the depot, you stay outside in the heat. You look into a window and see the crafters relaxing in the comforting lounge while you drag 200-pound crates of supplies in the heat. Anyways, you can get any land vehicles here that include drunk drivers in it. The other unfortinate thing is that you can't put hydralics on your car.

Scorpion TankEdit

Still one of the best vehicles, even if you're a bad driver or dumbass. This vehicle is a guarantee of killing at least one living thing, even if it's one of your teammates. This vehicle is slow, but has a great gun taped around its neck and a machine gun attached to the big gun's side. This is a good vehicle, but not strong enough to survive a suicidal emo grunt attack. This tank can also be cleansed the demons out of it with the Cleansing Presence. A army of tanks don't guarantee a win only a kill or two. If you win, it's because of luck or the Almighy Grunts didn't reveal themselves in the battle.


This is the abomination of all vehicles. It was crated when dumb scientist attempted to fuse a tank and a warthog together. The results were crappy until God smashed it with his blue hand. After that, the vehicle was godly at being anti-armor. This vehicle can only destroy vehicles, buildings, and your mom. Its main use it blockading (only to be pwned later by Air units).


A portable missile launcher that is best at anti-air. It can be used to kill air and is pretty much useless at everything else. It's accuracy is so crappy, it accidentally hits Banshees, Vampires, and floating sacs of gas. Wolverines are crappy like the Cobra, except the Cobra is better because it destroy something that's actually visible.


The dude who was 1000x better than Captain Keyes used this to make vehicles to support his army of Marines. However, given the fact that Hunters are godly at destroying them and they are just so darn expensive (500 cardboard boxes, seriously?) people stick with the almighty Marine rush.

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