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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on UNSC Spirit of Fire.

The Spirit of Fire was a big spaceship that the UNSC used to take over have giant parties on other worlds. Then the UNSC decided to give it guns so it went to fight a war.

The Halo WarsEdit

In Halo Wars the Spirit of Fire was probably the only useless ship at Harvest, Arcadia, and that Floodied planet-thingy. Its FTL-blew up and it was stranded in space. It was given the 'lost with all hands designation'.


After the war memorial, Spirit of Fire landed on Earth.Lord Hood and Co. was scare out of his wits as he thought Spirit of Fire was dead. Captain Cutter, Ellen Anders, and the rest of the people still on that ship got off and laughed in their faces.

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