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Cquote1Is that the Prophecy? I can see why there were no survivors.Cquote2
— An actual quote made by Ellen Anders

The UNSC Prophecy is a rusty and old Cruiser. It has no bathroom and no kitchen. It has a nuclear bomb, which they never use, duct-taped to its engines. No one knows what the UNSC Navy was thinking when they made it one of the UNSC's ships. It was very obvious that this ship had parts worth more than the sum of the parts. Captain James Cutter refused to be a officer on the Prophecy, so he could be with his true love.

The Prophecy was getting more rusty and old during the battle for Harvest, convincing the crew it was time to leave the ship in lifepods. Unfortunately, the lifepods were exposed to the radiation from the nuclear bomb they placed near the ship's engines. Lots of suffering, etc. The lifepods were picked up by the UNSC Spirit of Fire, but all whom were exposed to the radiation died slow, horrible, and agonizing deaths. Sergeant John Forge was sent to the Prophecy in a Pelican with his squad to recover survivors, but Serina suggested purging some NAV database was more helpful than helping some dying radiation freaks. The ship's AI, FitzGibbon, didn't want Forge to access the database because he was just a Noob, though FitzGibbon just got over it. Boom. That's how the ship's life ends, though FitzGibbon died in the process.

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