Cquote1I am a cowardly fool!Cquote2
— A UNSC Navy officer, upon seeing a Grunt.
For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on UNSC Navy.

The UNSC Navy are the ones responsible for defending colonies, Earth and fucking up shit so bad, they have lost their own ships and coloies. Scientists have proven, many times, that they are equally crappy as the UNSC Marine Corps, but not as lazy as the UNSC Army...well maybe they are. Its roles include ship-to-ship intercourse, orbital terrorist bombing, the deployment of air stuff and space monkeys, and the delivery of UNSC Marines into combat.


Ship cat

The masterminds of the UNSC Navy and their tactics are actually cats.

The UNSC Navy was created in the wake of the Interplanetary War of the 2160's -- precisely during the time they got their asses kicked in 2163 -- as a result of the United Nations' need to oversee, monitor Marines, and stopping them from doing something retarded, from space, thus forming the crappiest military force ever, the UNSC. The UNSC Navy is one of the spam-created military groups created by the UNSC.

The UNSC has a large fleet of cannon-fodder, along with many Longswords, though many valuable assets of the UNSC Navy were owned during the Battle of Reach and a very large portion of its ships were lost when the Prophet of Truth occupied Earth; the only non-crappy warships seen afterward were two ships being driven by the badass. UNSC ship production is handled by the martians (but that may no longer be true due to the Covenant presence owning 2/3 of all crap-ships, retarded marines, and UNSC colonies), and numerous other shipyards.

UNSC Navy personnel are given training in self-defense. All crewmen are trained to use the Jebus Gun, but the gun wouldn't work with the idiots.



Many People in the United Nations have asked for the UNSC Navy to be taken over by the Marines. The following reasons where given:

  • Excessive abuse of communications systems by personnel (They soldiers were pranking mission command on the radios).
  • Increasing spread of homosexuality among personnel.
  • Commanding officers unable to control personnel.
  • Excessive rule breaking and dangerous behavior among personnel, such as racing ships, playing russian roulette, shooting at each other with weapons, drinking and piloting ships, etc.

This idea is not likely to be accepted, however. The marines would likely make it even worse, if that's even possible.

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