For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on UNSC Infinity.

The biggest freaking shit ship you've ever laid eyes on

The UNSC Infinity (also called the Stupidity, the gruntfinity) is the biggest ship ever made by man. This was the reward for a 999999989 kill streak.


The Infinity was a giant high-tech, fancy-schmanzy ship created in a ton of years by nazis (though all they did was steal covie and forerunner tech and slap it together in a manner that looked like some penis ship and call it theirs). Because this ship was so expensive, the [UNSC] had to bring back the assault rifle, the worst weapon ever to exist in the entire universe.


in 2553.5, when the last of the Ebola died, it caused an explosion with a gruntiness level of 333,333 (million) which made tons of covie and forerunner tech to crash into the UNSC monument (well IT didn't last long) after this, man found a way to make that junk into a ship that looked like a Star Destroyer. When this happened, it made the Didact and covies mad at us and that whole freaking war started all over again.

Known Tasks

  • Carrying the composer from a rock to a science rock (ultimately a worthless task) 
  • Looking for Forward Unto Dawn survivors
  • Getting the hell off of requiem
  • Rescuing the chief (he's a helpless loser)
  • "Helping" blow up the didact ship
  • carrying useless Spartan recruits through space
  • blowing shit up

  Known cargo/weaponsEdit

  • A ton of cannons
  • A ton of mini-ships
  • A crapload of guns, fighters, troops and cargo
  • 2 massive Mass drivers
  • 2,000,000 nooby passengers

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