This is the shitty Frigate, just before it was filled with AIDS.

The In Amber Clad was yet, another shitty Frigate, this one appeared in Halo 2 and Halo 2: ODST, in Halo 2, it was basically the "Oh look there's a cake *eats cake* of Halo 2, however, Halo 3: ODST starts out with you getting the fuck out of it, which is good.

Halo 2 OverviewEdit

In Halo 2, it first appears when MC crash lands on it after giving the Covenant back their bombz. It's goal was to stalk Regret's carrier, so it followed it into a teleporter which lead them to Halo 5, they attacked the Covies there and the ship Commander, Commander Miranda Keyes said that the ring would be exactly like Installation 04, so she made the dumbest mistake of her life, she went to the Hula Hoops's Library to get the Index, and thought that there wouldn't be Flood, and thought that their Marines wouldn't get AIDS, but everything she predicted was the opposite.

Miranda and Johnson were saved?? by Tartarsauce and taken to High Charity, Arby was just raped by the Gravemind. The ship, with billions of AIDS, flew up to and crash landed in High Charity, over 9000 Brutes and Elites were infected and there was even more victims on the ship from the battle for the Index. There was so many Flood that the whole ship looked even more like a Mushroom, when High Charity was blown up in Halo 3, so was this shitty ship.

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