You start a Halo Wars game with this and only this. This is where all UNSC crappy units start. No, actually it's just a huge ass base with the only reason to have it is that: you can make Warthogs, and make smaller buildings around it. You can also make Elephants if your leader is dumb like this this guy. If it's destroyed you lose the game, unless you had enough resources to feed another huge ass base. This base is usually in fire as its name says, due to no maintenance.

Bases to build around it Edit

Remember that these things can be built around the Firebase and that they're to lazy to stand up and move around. Anyways, here is a list of stuff you can make around it:


Yep, this is the only vehicle you can get from the Firebase. Atleast, they put some fires around it in the-wait those are real!! The crafters are too lazy to put a radio in warthogs, so no music. The Warthog driver either is suicidal or retarded because he tends to ram the vehicle into enemies like Hunters and shielded Prophets. Warthogs has good speed, fair accuracy, it only needs a good driver, which it doesn't. Warthogs are endangered because reckless drivers abuse it and ram two warthogs together.


Elephants are huge ass, slow as hell vehicles that can only be made if your leader is dumb enough to think a army of slow elephants will actually win a battle.

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