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Cquote1Damn that's a big thing, and I would know *wink* *wink*Cquote2
— Captain Keyes on the ship
Cquote1Holy crap! that thing packs a punch!*chuckles*Cquote2
— Captain keyes on the MAC guns and something else...
Cquote1Wort, Wort, Wort, Wort, WTF ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!??Cquote2
— An elite on the ship interviewed by Captain Keyes before being keyed by him.

A cruiser is a "ship" actually it's the worlds biggest dildo only slightly bigger than a Super MAC, with the white stuff being its exhaust. The UNSC use multiple variants/or sizes for the Vagina. They have 1 gun which shoots condoms 1/2 speed of light. The crew consists of gay men and women. Captain key was a good example of the gayest captain piloting the pillar of autumn. Cruisers fu*k alien asses all the time. In the Fall of reach most crusiers decided to Fu*k mankind and ditch reach.

Damn I want one! Edit

Well no you cant have one! A normal dildo is good enough for you, and a space one will blow you up. Don't forget the OH MY GOSH! guns that fire miny condomns just in case...

Ummm nerdy stuff! Edit

It has a jizz engine powered by playboy magazines. It has the max speed of 1mph and has 2 gallons of nuclear sperm, straight from Russia. It's been said that the ships engine is actually a Soviet soldier attached to a chair, with all the comforts of the 26th century. Technology at its finest.

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