Also air pad

An air pad calling down a bunch of Hornets

Air pad

I believe this is a huge human base with air pad

What do you get when you combine the empire state building, McDonalds, and 2 retarded earthies? You get the UNSC air pad. This building was made by professors Yogi Air and Jimmy Pad as a mobile movie theatre for fools in The Wars. The 2 of them were executed for being so stupid and Lord Hoody turned it into a hangar for flying stuff on human bases on Gulch. Since all the other human buildings sucked the air pad was the biggest mass of pwng they had, excluding the bomb bust for Forge.

Origins from CovenantEdit

The air pad was actually supposed to be a frigate for the fuckenant. A group of apes in Tartar Sauce's backyard built the big things for truthy cause they sucked even more back then. But frigates blow and the idea was trashed alongside the idea to have a homeworld. Those 2 professors from Earth found the air pad in a dumpster behind a bigger dumpster at jupiter and made it human like by painting olive drab over the sissy purple the brutes painted it. The ungrateful earthies wanted it to be bigger so big apes couldnt have proper butt sex with it. The empire state building was added to it(actually a clone ESB).


For starters you get badass aircraft that can usually win anything in about a minute. Hell make another friggin Pearl Harbor event only against the covies, I don't care. Only you can't attack covie ships and that's a relief< you'll be pwnd by those ships that look like whales you n00b. In Soviet Russia, ship pwn the pad.


Its so tall it'll attract anything. Its like putting a skyscraper in the center of the Sahara Desert. Bastards will always try and destroy it cause they're jealous that your base has a bigger rod. Plus it lacks the armor to hold off the gruntiness of emo Grunts.

Its UnitsEdit

Only 3 things can be built: Regis' chopper(Hornet) which sucks. The n00bnasher(Hawk) that only the professor can have since those Hawkers have a strange fetish. And the Air pwng(Vulture) which can own everyone. Make 3 Vultures and start the pwng.

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