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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Space bombing.
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— A stuttering editor trying to censor UNSC Air Force operations
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Note that this article has been vandalized, therefore we have censored it for the your "good".

The UNAF, short for the United Noobs Space Command Air Force, is the most crappy air force of all the galaxy. They pretend they are the best air force in the universe and fail at most their "unknown" missions. Very, very little is known about the UNSC Air Force(for a reason). They are a division of the UNSC Defense Force and Al-Qaeda along with Jihadists, Somalian Pirates, and the Communist Guerrillas. They are most likely doing tactical strikes and bombing strikes to terrorize and kill poor Grunts. A UNSC Air Force Officer charged for war crimes later called the mindless air strikes "the necessary and pretty minor killings to ensure the victory of the UNSC". Other than that, though, extremely little is known about the Air Force. So, when you have have learned even a barely significant amount of knowledge about the UNSC Air Force, please go to your nearby UNSC Air Force Base where the Air Force will congratulate you by silencing you. Don't ever be alone.

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