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— n00b on Falcon

The Fucklon.

The Falcon is yet another continuity error and "why the f**k have we REVERTED technologically" moment. even though everyone knows they had Hornets and Pelicans at Harvest 20 years before hand, they have both been replaced for 5 minutes by this PoS.

Halo: Reach HornetEdit

The Hornet owned, so for Halo: Reach, Bungie decided to replace it with the Falcon... which sucked, in multiplayer at least.
Falcon reach

The Falcon. it looks like something that was born when an hornet and a pelican did it together...

Use in CampaignEdit

The lazy people collectively known as Noble Team like to use Falcons to get around instead of walking or driving over obstacles in a Warthog. In Campaign it carries 5 men and has multiple weapons, loadouts and has a turret for the pilot to use, but, Bungie being Bungie, they decided to exclude a missle launcher and ruin it for multiplayer.

Use in MultiplayerEdit

It is now stuck with machine guns and carries only 3, making it exactly the same as the Hornet. Or worse, actually, because it no longer has missles of uber pwn, and the pilot has no more usable turrets and stupid rotor blades. No turbofans, just Rotor blades, in the 26th century. Did we forget to mention that? It also has the ability to stop in mid-air. If you're lame enough to do that, just press RB. Take that, Banshee!


Bungie Police using the Multiplayer Falcon, it's suckiness has resulted in only 4 successful bans when using the vehicle.


  • Even though technological advancement should have made this useless piece of rhino shit obsolete, it continues to annoy the fuck out of people.
  • The Falcon is the preferred mode of transport of lazy Spartans.
  • The UH in UH-144 probably stands for "Uber Helicopter". That's a lie, it's not uber at all! nor is it a helicopter, it's a Tilt rotor, like a smaller, much, much suckier version of the V-22 Osprey from 550 years beforehand.
  • The Falcon is another way Bungie hypnotises people because 4+4-1 is 7.
  • Noobs like it. Now you know why it sucks.
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