Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Plasma casts you!Cquote2
— Noob who created it

The Plasma Caster is another covenant noob tube and a weapon, it is surprisingly inferior not only as a weapon. The only record of UNSC usage of this piece of crap is when Spartan Locke accidentally picked it up, then instantly got killed.

Usage Edit

The plasma caster fires in 2 modes. the first one being single fire, which fires useless plasma grenades that don't even stick... Who's idea was this? It also basically turns you into a Stormtrooper because it can't hit anything even if you tried, even if you were a FaZe member, it would find a way.

The other mode is a charge, which makes the thing stick. sounds good and all, but it fires slower than MCC's match loading times, fucking useless...

Plasma caster dump Edit

After the REQ system came to be, you can find a dump of plasma casters planet wide. No one keeps them, and I don't even know why you want to keep one.

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