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Cquote1 HOLY SH-*boom*Cquote2
— A noob getting blown up by a jello gun
Cquote1Holy shit, that gun is big.Cquote2
— A Marine upon seeing a Fuel Rod Gun
Cquote1Damn this stupid gun!Cquote2
— A random Hunter from Halo 3 online
— A n00b when he first uses the Fuel Rod

The Fuel Rod Gun is one of the most awesome guns in the series. It calls on the Power of Chuck Almighty to shoot big blobs of superheated lime Jell-O at n00bs and humans in single player. Unfortunately, those big walking wormcans get to have these things bolted on their freakin' arms. It is also known as the BFG, Big F****ng Gun, Big Gun from Doom. It's also been called TGOKAW- The Grunts' Only Kick Ass Weapon.

How it works Edit

The Jelly Launcher uses the raw power of Gruntiness to propel gruntiness projectiles at enemies. The Science of it all is actually quite amazing.

Halo CE (Xbox)Edit

Nope, can't use it cos it blows up in your face when you try to grab it.

You can still use it on Banshees, but they are only in the campaign.

Halo CE (PC/Mac)Edit

Because PC gaming is superior we get to use the Fuel Rod Gun but only in multiplayer, unless...

The Banshees are now in multiplayer, so you can use their fuel rods to hunt noobs.

Halo 2Edit

Noobs are still feeling its wrath on Xbox and Windows Live. But the Gun is removed from the multiplayer because of the Grunt's arguements (see above), you don't even get them on the Banshees in multiplayer.

Halo 3Edit

Looks like Bungie didn't want God's power in Halo 3, so they nerfed it. Now, it doesn't take out clusters of noobs in one shot, and now all it does is shoot straight (which is useless) make Hunters, Grunts, and Banshees scream in shame. Scream, dammit!!. The Gun can be forged though, which upsets Grunts (see above).

The Banshees now have full use of it again.

Halo ReachEdit

The same as it was in Halo 3 except then noobs harvest them more than ever.

The Banshee's fuel rod now has lock on technology.

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The Fuel Rod Cannons (song) Edit

NOTE: Let's just say this song utilizes a fairly odd rhythm.


The Unggoy is an arthropod that few men understand

San Shyuum and Sangheili always giving them commands

Sangheili: Wort wort!

Millions of this alien force were on High Charity

Well, Assembly Forges grant their one wish - fearsome weaponry!

They called it rod cannon, fuel rod cannon!

Unggoy: Five rounds green, in the magazine.

Rod cannon, fuel rod cannon. Thirty-five, hyper drive, sky dive, Flood hive.

Rap: Suban, Qikost, for Sanghelios. Rock you like a hurricane! Sock you with the Prophets' Bane.

Rod cannon, fuel rod cannon. A bunch of Grunts will blow you right up with Fuel Rod Cannons!

Unknown: Indeed!

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