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Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Brute Rifles YOU!Cquote2
— A Soviet Jiralhanae, if they even exist
Cquote1OOOOH! Dis wepon is kewl! Ima firin ma lazerhax!!Cquote2
— A random marine on High Charity
Cquote1HAHAHA! Puny Humans shoot us with plasma, but it doesn't hurt! Wait, this isn't plasma....Cquote2
Brute on the Brute Plasma Rifle
— The Rookie, on the Brute Plasma Rifle

Wh-why....why is the Brute Plasma Rifle even a thing? It is the most epic failure of a weapon since the Fagnum. It is the sucky and red version of the Plasma Rifle. It uses red-hot human crap as a weapon, which has been found to be rather disgusting. It was replaced by the Nailgun in the Brute arsenal. No one remembers it. No one cares.

Effectiveness Edit

Covies Edit

Does nothing versus Brutes, and, by the time you get to use it, that's all the cockmonglers you fight. They laugh at first, until they realize what your shooting at them (human crap). Then, they get PISSED and start trying to bash your skull with their own. You may have heard of what this is called; Berserking. Or maybe that was how they breed... it doesn't matter, they're all dead now.


The Brute Plasma Rifle does nothing against the Flood. They would laugh at you for flinging crap at them, but since they are made of crap, they just can't feel it. This is why the Brute Plasma Rifle sucks against them so much. The Flood completely ignore you, and then proceed to infect rape you. They will then feed you the ammo for the Brute Plasma Rifle. Thus, it is generally inadvisable to use it on the AIDS or, on that matter, any other disease besides OMGWTFBBQHAX, delt by noobs.


This day will come, and it will SUCK.


The Brute Plasma Rifle is the Brute's cheap knock-off of the Plasma Rifle. The weapon features several malfunctions, including...

  • Overheats faster (and as such, leaves a smell not unlike burnt Brute hair, for obvious reasons)
  • Fires faster (Believe it or not, a bad thing. Seriously, it fires so fast, I can't keepcontrol of the damn thing!)
  • Painted Red (Hopefully with Red Paint and its one of the major reasons why the Elites separated from the Covenant (THEY HATE THIS BLOODY COLOUR)

The Brutes eventually replaced the weapon with the nailgun, which once again proves their ridiculous stupidity.

Recent tests show that the radiation emitted by the Brute Plasma Rifle will increase blood flow, thus eliminating E.D.

This horrible excuse for a weapon recently made a much hated comeback in Halo 3 ODST as the main Covie rifle. Its still pointless to use against anything less than a Bug.

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