Truth and reconciliation

the truth and reconciliation yep you have to climb a canyon just to find it

The Truth and Retardation was a ship in the pre Arbiturds fleet over Alpha Hula Hoop. Named after both the hierarch Truth and the Prophet of Retardation. It was were the Covenant held captain Jacob Sacgawea Chuck Norris Keyes prisoner. But Keyes escaped with the help of the Chief and some marines. Later The Truth and Retardation contracted Aids, Including the notorious Aids beach ball (Captain Keyes). Chief later returned to the ship to punch Keyes right in the face for his neural shoelace, And even later the Universe's most retarded ODST (Major Antonio Captain Crunch) thought it would have been a good idea to bring an Aids infected ship to Earth, possibly giving everyone on earth the Aids. Fortunatly a not so retarded ODST thought it was a not so good idea, and destroyed up the Truth and Titilation.

Trivia Edit

  • Before it came to Alpha Hula Hoop it was the Arbiturds pimpmobile.
  • Being the first Covenant ship named in the Halo universe, they get right into the Ironic naming, as the Truth and Reconciliation is being used to commit genocide for bullshit reasons.

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