What it isEdit

This thing was made by Humans. Because they are dominated by the cowardly UN, they banned them. So they had to make a civilian and grunt friendly version. It features these thoughtful alert systems to potential innocent civilians and grunts.

  • Freaking bright lights.
  • makes a constant beeping noise.
  • lasts for only 1-2 minutes before exploding.
  • can only be deployed by the Chief, go figure.
  • very large so that you have to jump up onto it for it to explode.
  • 3.5 radius/meters of damage.
  • very few available
  • you can crawl through a million of them.
  • if you shoot at it once it explodes

Does it work?Edit

The weapon is not known to have caused a single grunt casualty, though this is due to Gruntiness.

Remember KidsEdit

LIKE A BOSS ON A BOAT ITZ A TRAP IN YO PANTZ ITZ MAH DIK IN A BOX!!1!!111!1! It's liek sex with a chicken- it's very noticable. It's also like sex with a dog, not very explosive.

Useful Equipment
Gruntiness' Dumb Brother | That Green Orb Plant that heals you | The Mine that can be seen a mile away | Yellow Ball of gay-version of Gruntiness | Blue Shield Thingy
Crappy Equipment that makes you wonder why Bungie put them in Halo
Blue Ball of Suckage of life | White-yellow soup fog | Feel the breeze under you | Thing that makes radars play music and go insane
Other stuff
Good for ugly people like Brutes | Most abused by noobs | Something your mom uses everyday

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