Tough Luck

Tough Luck.

AV Johnson
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Cquote1Tough Luck, Catch, ON. Oh noz you gonna diez!Cquote2
— Announcer guy on Firefight.

Tough Luck is a skull found in the Hula Hoop series. It belongs to Bapyap. The Skull is found, well, I don't know, just watch one of the thousand "How to find all Halo 3 Skulls" videos.

What it doesEdit

It actually gives the Covenant better training. And they learn a little more about Grenades. They learn how to Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dodge, and Throw. This is one of the Skulls that annoys Chuck Norris. Nobody knows how the Covenant could get any better at helping a player betray, but they always jump out of the way when you shoot at them.

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