Toha 'Sumai was a drug dealer in High Charity, he used to sell a drug called "Prothetsgomadandtrytoeatyou" or more commonly know as "PGM", he sold it near the Arbiter's house at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, where the Arbiter noticed Truth buying 4 pounds of it, with a Food Nipple for his "Gruntfellas".


He has recently died in a hellish fireball while falling into a pit of mad hungry Spartans, the cause of death was because he was "To, like totally wasted", while looking down on the floor to recover a penny, his "Crack sight" suddenly came to him, and he thought his foot was a burger and his Plasma Rifle was a Diet Coke, of course him being him, he ate his foot right next to the mad hungry Spartans pit, he nearly fell, but needed a drink, so he had some of his Rifle fluid, which made his insides implode thus causing the fireball, and the end of his drug selling days.


No mad hungry Spartans were harmed.

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