Ahh shit

Most of the Spartans were raped that day...

This article is currently incomplete; please assume the author is a lazy-ass.
This level H4S N00bTUB3r !!! *We're sorry for the interruption. The editor has been sacked.* *banging noises* WHERE MAH CAR!! I PAYED 5000 $ FOR THE HONDE A- *the newest editer has been sacked. Back to showنوک نیزه... توپ خورد. منظور من به طور جدی جیپ که تصادف * رفتن 1 مایل در ساعت؟ دسته B.S.


Somewhere before the battle ....

Noble Six:"Ya know ? This could use some rims, I mean look at it. Its like your mom fapped in it WITHOUT CONDOMS."

Kat:"For the last time NO. We're going against pincer-mouth dinosaurs hired by those MW2 virgins.That reported us and .. "

Six:"Dat freaking ars-"

Carter:"Noble Team! I need you to go to Microsoft HQ while we relaxe a- Hold on"

Background:"I would like to order a mega-whopper and two tacos. That is all"


Background:"No. I said a MEGA-whopper" and TWO tacos."*honking* "Shove it!" "Dude, I said TWO TACOS not seven!"


Background:"K thats it!"*phone gets shoved in cashier arse*

Later ...

Kat:"We got to be close to MS. GPS?"

GPS:"Take a right on I-4"

Six:"Watch out!"

Six:"Ya know. I think that pedal on the left is the brake. Just for future situations where ,ya know, is bettter than driving off a bridge."

Marine Driver:"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo."

Six:"From now on. STAY IN THEKITCHEN"

Somewhere near da HQ.

Kat:"Imma fa- I mean go to the bathroom"

Six:*walks to Falcon pilot*"Quick dawg lets fly before she comes out. Jorge get in"

Pilot:"Dude what did you eat ?!"

Jorge:"175 my 4rm0r.4nd th3 gun."

*the police arrives after they lift off.*

Cop:"HQ this is unit twelve. We're approaching the area where there beens reports of omnimous thumping noises. Hold on HQ looks like one of the callers are aproaching us."

Elite:"I need someone to go in and stop that noise! Me and my homies are trying to.. sleep"


Elite:"Yea. They are small but fun to ... uhm lets leave it at that."

Cop:"..."*approaches bathroom walks in and sees Kat* '*you don't want to know ...*

Meanwhile at the HQ

Pilot:"Lose. Some. Weights. Now thanks to you we are crashing"

This article is currently incomplete; please assume the author is a lazy-ass.

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