Cquote1Ah, good thing that Food Nipple is waiting for me in the starship, cos man have I worked up a big, grunty, thirst.Cquote2
— The Thirsty Grunt after drinking millions of gallons of gruntiness
The Thirsty Grunt was last seen proclaiming his thirst to The Master Chief a few minutes before the Pillar of Autumn
300px-Food nipple grunt

The Grunt himself.

exploded. He was the keeper of the question to Life, The Universe, and Everything. He actually survived by his own farts and Gruntiness. His extreme need for the food nipple is due to a lack of breastfeading as a baby, causing him to want nipples more. Due to the need of nipples, he is the only known grunt to have a threesome. This only escalated his nipple problem.

The thirsty Grunt became the thirsty grunt after getting lost in the AIDS infected POA. Master Chief gave him some booze and drove away. Motivated by nipples, he escaped the explosion, and stowed away on Master Cheif's ship. Due to being caught, he later escaped and went back to Balaho and had a happily ever after. Yay!

The Thirsty Grunt is actually a trap set by bungie, because after Master Cheif finds the grunt, ten seconds have passed. When you listen to the grunt, another ten seconds have passed. This way, you will lose the level, and you will never finish the game, causing you to go insane until you do. And, when you finally beat it, it has taken you seven tries, which is Bungie's control number, and your mind is sucked into the game. (Where do you think the flood come from?)

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