UNSC Marine Corps

These Noobs, like all other Noobs, were soon killed.

The Storm reminds me of Katrina (Rolling Water of death in my backyard ). So Bungie got this crappy idea to put a giant hurricane over Truth's ship, and it does nothing really it doesn't even knock out Banshees WTF?. There is also a boat that crashed cause the driver was high. Last but very interesting to wonder about is that there are workers that use pistols basically they are retarded. A hammered Brute and a cart A CART moves in the middle of path ( It doesn't block the whole path ) and the civilians run around in circle. I shot them because no-one can comprehend how retarded they are, not even your mamma.

Master Chief is in a passenger seat and a Marine is drving. Now we know from last time what will happen to the marine. MC sticks him and the warthog flies over the wall into the first shit-shooting Wraith area.

Lord Hood:"This is Grand Kilo two-three --"

Master Chief:"That got cut in Halo 2 "

Lord Hood:"You got to be kidding me"

Smart Marine:"Can't we just MAC the cannon like in Halo Wars"

Master Chief:"Shut up! You just told everyone the next Halo game jeez do ya'll ever shut up"

Feral Outcast from Brute Force XBOX:" You're a faaaaag RAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH"

Master Chief:"Ok first you're suppose to be at the ending level and second didn't you get raped by this huge cat?"

Jason Jones:"No but I'll dance like I do in Halo level"

"Chuck and some Marines find workers running past fusion coils as a door behind them opens. The coils are shot and they are sent flying. Suddenly, and Outcast Shaman and two Feral Meancasts from Brute Force come in."

Outcast Shaman:"Raaaargh! Even Vengar can't save you now Brutus. The new members of the Outcasts, far superior!"

"Everyone stops what they're doing and looks at them speechless, including Glenn Quagmire and the Two Hunters that were originally suppose to come through the door."

Feral Meancast:"Uhh.....sir. We aren't in Brute Force, this is Halo 3."

Outcast Shaman:"Aww come on!"

"Suddenly, the Brute Force squad appears. Tex, Brutus, Flint, and Hawk."

Tex:"Time for a good ol' fashioned lizard hunt."

Flint:"Like shooting reptiles in a barrel."

"Everyone, including the Shaman and his Meancasts, look at them, speechlessly."

Flint:"What? It's a figure of speech."

Master Chief:"Oh my god. You idiots are suppose to be in Brute Force, just cuz that's based off this game, doesn't mean it's in the same league."

"The Dreadnought launches into the portal."

All Covies, Marines, Master Chief, and Brute Force :"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Truth :"Red rings of DOOOOOOOOOM!"

"A ship enters orbit."

Tex:"What is it, Shrikes?"


Film Crew:"Umm Runnels Bound where you going?"

He walks slowly to a corner and shoots himself

Levels of the Halo Series   Source
  Halo: Combat Evolved Campaign:   The Pillar of Autumn  |  Halo  |  The Truth and Reconciliation  |  The Silent Cartographer  |  Assault on the Control Room  |  343 Guilty Spark  |  The Library  |  Two Betrayals  |  Keyes  |  The Maw
  Halo: Combat Evolved Multiplayer:   Battle Creek  |  Blood Gulch  |  Boarding Action  |  Chill Out  |  Chiron TL-34  |  Damnation  |  Danger Canyon  |  Death Island  |  Derelict  |  Gephyrophobia  |  Hang 'Em High  |  Ice Fields  |  Infinity  |  Longest  |  Prisoner  |  Rat Race  |  Sidewinder  |  Timberland  |  Wizard
  Halo 2 Campaign:   The Heretic  |  The Armory  |  Cairo Station  |  Outskirts  |  Metropolis  |  The Arbiter  |  The Oracle  |  Delta Halo  |  Regret  |  Sacred Icon  |  Quarantine Zone  |  Gravemind  |  Uprising  |  High Charity  |  The Great Journey
  Halo 2 Multiplayer:   Ascension  |  Backwash  |  Beaver Creek  |  Burial Mounds  |  Coagulation  |  Colossus  |  Containment  |  Desolation  |  District  |  Elongation  |  Foundation  |  Gemini  |  Headlong  |  Ivory Tower  |  Lockout  |  Midship  |  Relic  |  Sanctuary  |  Terminal  |  Tombstone  |  Turf  |  Uplift  |  Warlock  |  Waterworks  |  Zanzibar
  Halo 3 Campaign:   Arrival  |  Sierra 117  |  Crow's Nest  |  Tsavo Highway  |  The Storm  |  Floodgate  |  The Ark  |  The Covenant  |  Cortana  |  Halo
  Halo 3 Multiplayer:   Assembly  |  Avalanche  |  Blackout  |  Citadel  |  Cold Storage  |  Construct  |  Epitaph (Epilogue)  |  Foundry  |  Ghost Town  |  Guardian  |  Heretic  |  High Ground  |  Isolation  |  Last Resort  |  Longshore  |  Narrows  |  Orbital  |  Rat's Nest  |  Sandbox  |  Sandtrap (Sand Tarp)  |  Snowbound (Boundless)  |  Standoff  |  The Pit (Pit Stop)  |  Valhalla
  Halo Wars Campaign:   Alpha Base  |  Relic Approach  |  Relic Interior  |  Arcadia City  |  Arcadia Outskirts  |  Dome of Light  |  Scarab  |  Anders' Signal  |  The Flood  |  Shield World  |  Cleansing  |  Repairs  |  Beachhead  |  Reactor  |  Escape
  Halo Wars Multiplayer:   Barrens  |  Beasley's Plateau  |  Blood Gulch  |  Blood River  |  Chasms  |  Crevice  |  Exile  |  Fort Deen  |  Frozen Valley  |  Glacial Ravine  |  Labyrinth  |  Memorial Basin  |  Pirth Outskirts  |  Release  |  Repository  |  Terminal Moraine  |  The Docks  |  Tundra
  Halo 3: ODST Campaign:   Prepare to Drop  |  Mombasa Streets  |  Tayari Plaza  |  Uplift Reserve  |  Kizingo Boulevard  |  ONI Alpha Site  |  NMPD HQ  |  Kikowani Station  |  Data Hive  |  Coastal Highway
  Halo 3: ODST Firefight:   Alpha Site  |  Chasm Ten  |  Crater  |  Last Exit  |  Lost Platoon  |  Rally Point  |  Security Zone  |  Windward
  Halo: Reach Campaign:   Noble Actual  |  Winter Contingency  |  ONI Sword Base  |  Nightfall  |  Tip of the Spear  |  Long Night of Solace  |  Exodus  |  New Alexandria  |  The Package  |  The Pillair of Autumn |  Lone Wolf
  Halo: Reach Multiplayer:   Anchor 9  |   Battle Canyon  |   Breakneck  |  Breakpoint  |  Boardwalk  |  Boneyard  |  Condemned  |  Countdown  |  Forge World  |   High Noon  |  Highlands  |   Penance  |  Powerhouse  |  Reflection |   Ridgeline  |  Spire  |   Solitary  |  Sword Base  |   Tempest  |   Zealot (Arena Zealot)
  Halo: Reach Firefight:   Beachhead  |  Corvette  |  Courtyard  |  Glacier  |  Holdout  |  Installation 04  |  Outpost  |  Overlook  |  Unearthed  |  Waterfront
  Imposter version of Halo 4 Campaign:   Prologue  |  Dawn  |  Requiem  |  Forerunner  |  Infinity  |  Reclaimer  |  Shutdown  |  Composer  |  Midnight  |  Epilogue
  Imposter version of Halo 4 Multiplayer:   Abandon  |  Adrift  |  Complex  |  Exile  |  Erosion  |  Haven  |  Harvest  |  Impact  |  Longbow  |  Meltdown  |  Pitfall  |  Ragnarok  |  Ravine  |  Shatter  |  Solace  |  Vertigo  |  Vortex  |  Wreckage
I'm not listing the Spartan Ops levels.

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