— Noobinator.
Cquote1Hasta la vista, noobyCquote2
— Noobinator.

Every few years,(or few matchs) a noobinator is chosen to lead the inevitable slaughter against noobs. They have even been able to, as legend says, to lead the slaughter on the invincible grunts as well. It is said that the noobinator is part Master Chief, part Chuck Norris, all badass. It's like Master Chief screwing Sgt Jonhsons mother. The noobinator was also sent back in time to protect Master Chief when he was a shit Spartan so he could lead the human resistance against machines, aliens (and noobs). It is likely that God is the current noobinator he has the current highest body count and around 95% of it are noobs.

What makes the noobinator? Edit

The noobinator is the product of pure gruntiness,so pure that not even the mighty, the wussy the ugly the tasty TartarSauce can't break. His pefered weapons on his endless campaign against the noobs include:

-Noobler (the preferred weapon of the noobinator)

- Campergun as it attracts noobs as sex slaves with its shiny becon of pump action noob death.

- Energy Sword as the noobs are often slaughtered by the bodys that fly past.

- Noob hunter.

- Jelly Launcher (when he's in a good mood)

- Banshees and anything else noobs use to use in his covert noobrations.

- Yo momma jokes.

- Tbagging

- The acient art of Noob-Fu

- Master chief's semen in a SAW.

Famous Noobinators Edit

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