A officer of the HGPD.

==The HGPD

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== The Honor Gaurd Police Department, or HGPD, is a group of weed-smoking, crime-fighting, butt-raping elite honor gaurds dedicated to the destruction of Evil. It found it's beginnings when a honor gaurd was drugged and raped by the Prophet of Truth. At first they followed the grunt's motto: "when in doubt, RUN LIKE HELL!". Then one day a rookie thought this motto was too pussie-ish and worked hard to get it changed. He had to get himself molested by the police chief, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to take. So he had sex with the Chief and had the motto changed to: "Fight to the death, never surrender, unless in doubt, THEN RUN LIKE HELL!".


  • Half of a plasma pistol
  • A badge
  • A cool spear that doesn't kill anything.
  • A personal butt-raper machine.


The HGPD badge, designed by the chief's retarted brother

Plasma pistol

Half of a plasma pistol, stronger than a full one


The spear that kill ABSOLUTLY NOTHING


The HGPD squad car

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