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The Halo movie is a film (THAT WILL NEVER COME OUT!!) that is completely unoriginal since it's really Halo 1, with no gameplay, and more cutscenes.


All of the trailers to the Halo Movies have been uploaded to the internet, Curtesy of Weta workshop

(Oh, we should probably mention...These are all directed by Peter Jackson, so they may seem a bit, Lord of the Rings...ish)

Filming Edit

At a budget of $7, the Halo movie was recently being filmed in New Zealand by Peter Jackson and Neil Blomashamalambawhocamp. But production stopped because Peter Jackson realised that their is nothing remotely Halo about New Zealand. Peter Jackson has stated that there is still hope for a halo movie. He said that production will not continue until gets enough money in his budget to build a real Halo to film the Halo movie on(In other words, it's never going to be made). If you would like to donate money to the Halo Movie's budget, go to

Release date Edit

Never.... BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST! Although you can't really rely on anyone since those jokesters at hollywood so lazy they dont give any accurate release date. Just a bunch of guess' that go on and on.

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