The Grunt's Quest for the Magical Skittles hunt all began when the Challenger Space Shuttle went up in flames. Onboard were Skittles that were rocketed out towards space. 100 years later a small bag separated from the main supply and was picked up by a Covenant Food Nipple ship thingy (citation needed). They were soon taken to the head Testicle Chin on the block. "Ima Nota' Thha'ta Talla" was the testicle chin. Once he found out about Skittles, he had a species change operation to become a Grunt. He then led an expedition to find the main source. He went on a perilous journey to find the Skittles. He even had to create a poison that that would make you grow a third ball so he would be told the position of the Skittles. He eventually found the Skittles. Little did he know that the Skittles were magical and they made every Grunt very grunty... and high. While "Ima Nota' Thha'ta Talla" was high on the Skittles, he had a vision to create a new substance called "crack". "Ima Nota' Thha'ta Talla" and his band of Grunts returned as heroes for finding the magical Skittles.

Why Finding Skittles was so DAMN Important Edit

At the time, the Skittles supply was running low and Skittles were their main food supply. When "Ima Nota' Thha'ta Talla" came back, he disguised the crack as Skittles and only gave them to Grunts. This led to the Grunts getting hated by the Covenant, thus starting the "Grunt Rebellion".

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