The level.

The Flood is the 9th level of Failo Wars.

The Flood on Halo Wars?Edit

Yes. Did you not read the article "Anders' Signal"? The level starts with some drunk Spartans trying to drive. They end up crashing miserably and expect you to do something about it. If your a n00b, you would use Marines. If you are a moderate player, you would use Scorpion Tanks. If you actually know what your doing, you would use Hornets.


  • Spartan: Whoa! Did you just see that turn?!
  • Spartan 2: Yeah it was awhoaoaaoaa!

The Warthog flips over.

  • Spartan 3: Oh, no!
  • Spartan 2: What?
  • Spartan 3: I lost my beer.
  • Spartan: Don't worry. I have more in the Warthog.

Warthog explodes.

  • Spartan: Oh, no! Forge, we are out of beer!
  • Warthog guy: We have more at the base!
  • Spartan 2: I doooonnn'tttt waannaaa walk back!
  • Warthog guy: Fine. I'll bring another beer cooler.
  • Spartans: Yay!
  • Warthog guy: Okay, what's that in the sky?

A flying Flood Swarm comes. Forge fights them off but dies.

Warthog guy is back up and finnaly makes it there.

  • Warthog guy: Here, take it. I got killed by 3 Flood attacks back there.
  • Spartan: I hate Coors Light!
  • Spartans: Let's end this level.
  • Warthog guy: But why? We need the Skull.

Giant Flood thing explodes.

  • Spartan 2: Who says?
  • Warthog guy: That thing is spraying out beer!
  • Spartan 3: So that's where it went.

Level Ends.

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