Territories is a version of multiplayer that happens to be the only mode n00bz pwn at. This is the only existing mode n00bz are known to pwn at. Then they go on T-Bagging sprees and call you names like butt monkey and ass face through the mic. This results in players either quitting or the n00bz parents coming in and shutting down their Xbox, nicknamed "Thx God." This mode is high in n00b combos and n00b T-Bagging. Then the n00bz annoy you like mother fuckers by spinning around

in circles like dumbasses, saying gay-ass crap like "Yeah, you want some a this, suka, I own", and being dickwads. However, this mode is nessecary because with out it, n00bz would go extinct or be exiled to World of Warcraft. N00bz guard this mode carefully and if invoked will scream sayings like "Wait my computer froze, guys stop guys, oh thx my computer is slow and has Vista and..." which is followed by being shot and killed, or "You used BxR! You bastard hacker mother fucker, Im gonna kill..." also followed by death. Either way, if invoked, death for n00bz is inevitable and extremely common.

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