For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on "Corpse Humping", *sigh*, Halopedia, you are so bland..
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Bungie's first Halo Reach hump victim

Is this shit canon? I don't know, but Master Chief has been known to mercilessly teabag many members of the Covenant, so I think it's safe to assume that it's canon.

Anyways, teabagging is a sexual victory dance, when someone is teabagging a corpse, it's probably because they killed it or they are a noob.

If you teabag corpses of campaign AI, you are a Noob.

Method of teabaggingEdit

1.Kill someone or something (This is tricky for noobs)

2.Walk over to the corpse



5.Repeat step 3 and 4 while yelling "I PWNED YOU, NOOB!"

Be CarefulEdit

1. Make sure the person you teabag is a noob, we don't want any mistakes.

2. If the persons good don't teabag (They've given you a good battle).

3. Make sure you aim for the HEAD, unless you want to look like you're ass fucking the guy (or front fucking)

4. Don't tell the person you've teabagged the place were you learned the skill because they'll probably come here and delete all of our hard work.

5. Make sure when your teammate is killed by the enemy that their death is not in vain. Teabag them to make their


Evil Grunt Lord Dodop. Learn from the best

death worth something. Even if it means dying.

Retaliatory teabaggingEdit

If they teabagged you first thats ok, you can go TEABAG THEIR BRAINS OUT TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT. Then have some earlgrey tea like captain Picard after owning some flood.Or if you are a noob go get laid.And try to get a kill.

1. Kill

2.teabag normally

3.Then make sure your genitals are still there

3.1.If there gone get someone else to do your work! :D

3.2. If still there then continue.

4. ????

5. PROFIT!!!!

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