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Cquote1Where's the high velocity cannon?Cquote2
— Nerdy UNSC Marine

The Large and Ugly Things (AIDS tank wank form) are blessed with a form of gruntiness called AIDSiness which makes them super strong but stupid. They can also be killed be a single hit with an energy sword because they can only give cum, not take so too much cum will destroy them.The weirder part about this form of AIDS is an account from uber-n00b MLG Jefflulz in which they're invincible except for in their incredibly puny brains.The message from MLG Jefflulz deciphered by the UNSC (the only thing they've done right) was, "OMFG I EMPTIED MY M6D UBER PISTOL INTO THAT AIDS CHEST AND IT DIDN'T DIE HEL-.

Other Info : Edit

The wank tank form gots it name from being a rip off, that zombie boss from Left4Dead and will try and imitate it but fails miserably (the little saddo). Even though Halo 3 was out FIRST, n00bo lord of teh 'tards but .

What it does for a living: Edit

Dedicated member of the super adventure club in it's spare time (they only want to gain immortality with the exception of getting run over)

Hug you to death

Spew out popcorn

Annoyingly comes from behind and hugs you to death

Vulnerable to:

Over-exposure to other forms of aids

BOOM head-shot

Being ran over

Plasma Sticks

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