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There are nine different Tactical Packages in Halo 4, with three only given to Specialization users.

Standard Tactical Packages Edit

Shielding Edit

Makes your shield run on supercharged cordial, making them recharge twice as fast.

Mobility Edit

Gives you an espresso injection every two seconds, allowing you to sprint for long periods of time

Resupply Edit

Lets you rip the testicles off Covenant forces and lob them as grenades in combat.

AA Efficiency Edit

Injects you with N00b so you use Armour Abilities more often.

Grenadier Edit

Gives you a third ball to lob at people in combat

Firepower Edit

Nicknamed the 'overcompensator', this lets you carry two massive guns instead of weedy little ones

Specialization Tactical Packages Edit

Operator: Wheelman Edit

Makes vehicles much stronger.

Pioneer: Fast Track Edit

Allows you to boost EXP.

Tracker: Requisition Edit

Allows you to change your ordnance options if they aren't good enough.

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