this thing just shoots and shoots and shoots and shooots

Cquote1It's a sub AND a knife!!!Cquote2
— 343 announcing the gun.

The Supressor also known as the Spammer, a flashlight, the Duble Bareld Street Sweeper (Oops wrong game) Z-130 Directed Energy Automatic Weapon by creepy pedophiles on Halopedia who memorize every single bit about Halo.. It shoots little bolts of pure piss that yo momma ejaculated when Soulja Boy The Jackal raped her because her body is colour blind and can't tell the difference between white and yellow. The corrosive piss slowy eats away at enemies as it is sentient and requires food to live. Unfortunatley while it slowy kills your enemy the will most likely be calling the fire brigade to use their special bullet hose and the mega bullet hose. This gun cannot by bought from the fire brigade as it is too shit and the fire brigade have not yet created a "special division" of bullet hoses. Commonly used by creepy crawlies as they are Soulja Boy's Dawgs. Thus resulting in plenty of free piss from yo mamma to fill their guns up with. Also because they know they suck.

Melee Weapons: Kitchen Knife | Japanese Butter Knife | Taser Stick

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Heavy Weapons: Mini Blue Jelly Factory | Death impersonated | Godly Plasma Rifle | Huge Water Gun on Spaceships | Hax Gun | Smaller Hax Gun | Derp Gun | Magic Grenade Thrower

The Quadlazer | Zapper | Tracer Rifle | Yellow Light Spammer | Campergun's Retarded Brother | Triforce Gun | Promethean Glory | Forcefield | Bee Grenade

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