Supply pad

The supply pad, the structure in the center is the crack shack

If you think that you can achieve anything just by wishing for it then you should pull out a magnum, kiss my ass, and blow your brains out. This crude sentence leads to the Supply Pad aka Crack Shack. Build many at your humaannn!!! base to actually achieve something in your life. Since all stuff in existence cost an assload of cash you need drug money to sell to Elites in Halo Wars. The ship Spirit of Billy Mays up above is also a covert drug tug to make the Covenant so damn high they'll cause a civil war on High Charity. Supply pads are needed to transport the contraband to your base and then to street side markets in the Covie base. Ima sellin mah Crystalmeth!

Help the CommunityEdit

Be a hero and build a base full of Supply pads to bring in so much crap and regrets. Elites are druggies and getting them high is the best way to kill them. Everybody is a dru...static...(transmission hacked, beginning message) Hello this is the DEA(Dimwitted Egotistical Asshats). We are here cause we're n00bs that want to inform you that the rest of this article has been terminated due to health hazards. Drugs are deadly to Elites and Brutes and we will crack down on anyone who sells this smack to innocent aliens that commit genocide. Explain that if you can. If you commit drug trafficking to the Covenant then you'll be tried before a jury of Grunt seperatists and be executed by watching 2 girls, 1 cup over and over again till you get a heart attack from the sight of seeing Miranda Keyes getting breast implants between Halo 2 and 3. Or is that supposed to be Cortana... I dont know, it changes from article to article. Thank you for your time... *end message file #666486ASSHLE<knave>*.

Other Source (they have a gun to my head don't believe any of this)Edit

Author:- Hi I'm back. To see the real article on the Supply pad go to Halopedia* goes rampant* DON'T GO THERE, YOU'LL ALL BURN IN HELL!"

DEA guard in background: -"Shut him up, kill him."




DEA- "This is the DEA, prepare to get cracked down upon. Lay down your humourus wits and you will not be harmed (so much)."

*Sound of glass shattering*

DEA- "Who the f**k are you?"

Kwarsh- "I am thy Lord and master. I have arrived because it seems like its time to apply force on your posterior and chew Polyisobutylene, but it would seem like I'm out of the latter.

*Ten minutes of awesome fighting later*

Kwarsh- Looks like I have saved the day yet again. Now resume editing."

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