For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Spirit.
Cquote1I wanted it to sound like a Justin bieber movie.Cquote2
— Dumb Brute who named it
A Spirit is an all-purpose Halo: Combat Evolved Covenant dropship that was shaped like a tuning fork and had high spirit and morale. After few months, they were replaced by these no-purpose degenerates. After Halo 1, the Spirits were dismissed from service and are now used by Testicle chins as forks. They were used as tuning forks by Godzilla. Marines hijacked one in a book, but Spartans couldn't because they're noobs.
20110818190829!HaloReach - Spirit


Quotes after seeing a Spirit: Edit

Cquote1Look out! Its a giant flying Tetris piece!!!!Cquote2
— an EmoDST right under a spirit about to get PWnED by Can-O-worms.
Cquote1A fork!!!!!!Cquote2
— A random marine seeing the spirit for the first time
Cquote1No, you dumbass, its a spiritCquote2
— A veteran marine to the quote above
Cquote1do dododo dododo dododo dododo dodododododoCquote2
— a marine humming the Tetris theme after seeing a spirit.

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