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AV Johnson
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Cquote1 I just got promoted to Spec Ops so I don't have to work with you dumbasses no moreCquote2
— Some random grunt talking to two grunt majors.

Sprinting Opuim-Drugged Grunt or Special Operations is a rank for Jamaican Grunts in the Covenant (Since we all know Jamaican four-year olds run better that American athletes). Spec-Ops Grunts are the result when the Covenant thought if Grunts were given proper training(lots of Heroin), they would stop asking for food and would be excellent mates for would probably be useful in missions that other species are too busy or too sane to do. All Grunts are obedient to the Covenant and Great Journey like mindless dogs, except that even mindless dogs know the Great Journey is made-up shit, so all grunts have the potential to be suicidally committed of doing any task, though the Covenant thinks it's easier to just turn them to cannon fodder, so there's few Spec-Ops Grunts. 

USER Menacepotatoe steed

A Spec-Ops grunt using his Special Ops-ness to 'jack a mammoth

284px-Reach 1861 Medium

Imma Shoot You. Muthafucka.

Spec-Ops Grunts have shown their efficiency many, many times(by sprinting throught he misson). One of those times was when a team of Spec-Ops Grunts were sent to attack a gas mine controlled by the Heretics. It went out so good, that the Arbiter was sent to congratulate them by killing the rest of the Heretics and the fact that they have somewhat better training and equipment.

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